January is National Mentoring Month

Happy New Year!


President Obama has officially proclaimed National Mentoring Month for January!  National Mentoring Month is a national campaign to recruit volunteer mentors held each January to highlight the crucial role played by mentors in helping young people achieve their potential.  The campaign’s goals are to mobilize larger numbers of community volunteers to serve as mentors to young people and to promote awareness of the power of mentoring to enhance a young person’s prospects for leading a healthy and productive life.  We would like to celebrate all of our Mentors for their volunteer work, dedication, and compassion, and all of our donors and supporters for their contributions and for allowing us to continue to offer our programming to the youth in our community.  Thank you!



If you would like to offer a contribution or find out what you can do to ensure that our mentoring services and programs continue to be offered to our children, please click here.

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