Benefits for Mentees

Our mentees have boundless potential;                       we simply help them find it.

Who is a mentee? 
A youth, ages 7-19, who meets one or more of the following categories: low income, single parent home, grandparent(s) head of household, and/or incarcerated parent(s).

Goals will be set and met!
During intake, the caseworker identifies several goals for each child based on information shared by the parent/guardian and child.  Throughout the mentee’s involvement with YMS, the goals are used to direct programming, develop the match relationship, and to measure their development and growth.  Below are just a few of the goals mentees may have:

  • Improve Self-Esteem
  • Improve literacy skills such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking
  • Improve socialization and interpersonal skills
  • Practice ways to resolve conflict peacefully
  • Improve their relationship with family
  • Increase respect for adults and authority
  • Effectively communicate feelings
  • To practice a healthy lifestyle (i.e. eating well and exercise)
  • Develop school and job readiness skills

Throughout the match, professional supervision by Agency staff helps to support the strength and growth of the relationship. During calls, the caseworker tracks the child’s growth and may suggest activities that are both entertaining and beneficial for the child. It is truly a fun and engaging experience for all involved!

Interactive Learning Adventures

Here are a few activities that mentees have done with their volunteer on the path to achieving his or her goals:

  • Bake cookies- double the recipe to work on multiplication (and fractions).
  • Rake the leaves, wash the car, and learn about responsibility.
  • Go to the Bank and make a deposit, or pay a bill, to demonstrate one of the many aspects of adulthood and independence.
  • Volunteering at a retirement home or animal shelter is a wonderful way to foster community engagement and charity.
  • Go to a Farmer’s market and explore the many offerings.  Pick out a few things to try.  Make sure they are healthy choices.
  • Going to the library to explore, or attending a scheduled activity there is fun and educational.
  • Shovel the snow for an elderly neighbor.  Their gratitude will be a reward in itself.
  • Join a club or sports team together.  Meeting new people will be a great opportunity to socialize.

The Extra Perks

Once registered as a mentee, kids will be eligible to…

  • Engage in interactive workshops focused on social and emotional learning at YMS.
  • Receive free community resources such as school supplies, Holiday gifts, and personal care products that are given out through Youth Mentoring Services.
  • Go to camp for free! Camperships are a great opportunity to gain independence and improve self-esteem.